Here's what our master tracking prices include:

-producers: first off, the price includes the JD's Joint production team. we will oversee your recordings from beginning to end. we'll help you find the right tempos, the right key, the right 'feel', and the right instrumentation. we'll make sure your music is properly recorded every step of the way.

-pre-production: before we even start the master tracking sessions, we will demo your song with a quick pass of instrumentation. this way, you will be able to hear the direction we are taking your song and what our vision is. this will ensure that you'll be happy with the end results and there will be no costly revisions or disappointments.

-live drums: we can put some of the best players in the biz on your recordings! we have a selection of top drummers that we choose from to fit your music. some of our drummers have toured with the biggest Artists in the biz, and some have recorded with the biggest Artists in the biz. we can use drummers that have recorded for Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, the Goo Goo Dolls, and many more. your drum tracks will be performed by a certified professional!

-instrumentation: this is the instruments used on your songs (example: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, fiddle, mandolin, etc.). we put no limitations on the amount of instruments we might use for your song. we'll record all the basic rhythm tracks (drums, bass, guitars, keys) and still possibly put on mandolin, fiddle, dobro, or more. we even layer our tracks for a fuller sound, meaning: we might not only do one acoustic guitar, we may do multiple acoustic guitars played in different positions. we do whatever we feel is necessary to give your song the treatment it needs to provide you with a competitive product. these prices are all included!

(only example of additional costs would be if you wanted to bring a player of your own in to record. the costs of this player would be your responsibility, since we can already provide all you need)

-vocals: your vocals are the most important and we will go above and beyond to make sure they are strong. we will record your vocals using some of the 'industry standard' vocal mics. we will also layer any necessary parts. on top of it, vocal tuning is included. we will also add any harmony vocals necessary to enhance the delivery.

(only additional costs would be if you have your own harmony singer. you would have to take care of any additional costs that exceed our budget)

-mix: here is another added bonus of our master productions: we do not mix your music ourselves. we outsource the mixing to our production partners that have many years of experience and have worked on some of the biggest albums on the market. our mixing engineers have worked with names such as: Chris Stapleton, Justin Moore, Blake Shelton, Alabama, Lady Antebellum, Kenny Chesney, and many more... again, we will use the person we feel is right for your sound, but without a doubt, they will be good!

-mastering: mastering is the 'icing on the cake'. it's the final process needed to provide the professional product that you need. we do not do our own mastering, and our mixing engineer will not master your music. for the best results, we use a certified mastering engineer that is fully trained and experienced in music mastering. we will use a mastering company with top of the line gear and credits on top albums released by labels such as Big Machine Records & Warner Brothers Music, and have mastered tracks by Artists such as Taylor Swift, Jake Owen, Chris Young, Jason Isbell, and many, many, more!


-finals: in the end, you will receive the files you need to upload your music for digital distribution, and you will also have your files formatted to upload directly to whatever company will be printing cds for you.

-bottom line: your success is our success. we want to do what we can to make that happen!

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