Info about Overdubs:


-overdubs: an overdub is an instrument added to your track. as an example, do you have a Country band in the studio and you really need a fiddle, but can't find someone to record? we can add that fiddle (or many other Instruments) to your track. this service is good for indie Artists all  the way to 'top of the line' artists and producers

-instrumentation: we have a wide range of Instruments that can be added: Fiddle - Dobro - Banjo - Mandolin - Piano - Organ - Mountain Dulcimer - Accordion - Lap Steel - Pedal Steel - Violin - Viola - Cello - Ukulele - Acoustic Guitar - Electric Guitar - Classical Guitar - Bass - Upright Bass

-how it works: you send us a bounced down mix of your song, with vocal tracks on a seperate track. we'll listen to your song and then discuss with you what Instrument it needs (if you don't already know) and what you would like to hear. we'll record that Instrument and send you a clip to approve. after the approval, we'll send you a .wav file to import directly into your session. it's quick and easy.

-orchestra tracks: if you want a string section to accompany your music. we can do that as well. same steps as above, but for one low price, we'll add the violins, violas, and cellos! same musician that recorded strings for Artist such as: Thompson Square, Chris Young, Sunny Sweeney, and more...

-multiple Instruments, multiple songs?: if you have several songs that need the same Instrument, we have price breaks! let us know what you need and we will discuss costs with you.

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